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USEtox user manual
user_manual_usetox.pdf448.65 KB

The user manual provides basic information needed to understand and apply the USEtox model, i.e. to calculate midpoint characterisation factors for human toxicity and freshwater

USEtox chemical database manuals
database_organics.pdf152.81 KB
database_inorganics.pdf68.08 KB

The chemical database manuals include a description of (1) physicochemical properties, (2) toxicological effect data on laboratory animals as a surrogate to humans, and in rare cases effect data on humans, and (3) ecotoxicological effect data for freshwater organisms.


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ILCM 2013 short course material
ILCM2013_CourseMaterial.zip29.15 MB

A USEtox half-day short course was ginve at ILCM 2013 in Bangalore, India with 20 participants from India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Mauritius working in academy, industry, consulting and policy. 

USEtox modeling short course slides
introduction.pdf180.44 KB
environmental_fate.pdf1.91 MB
human_exposure.pdf5.07 MB
effects_1.pdf1.88 MB
effects_2.pdf378.76 KB
calculating_cfs.pdf411.52 KB
framework_uncertainty.pdf2.21 MB
exercise_usetox.pdf111.67 KB

Modeling life cycle impacts of toxics on humans and ecosystems with the USEtox model - one day course at the Technical University of Denmark, 9-Apr-2010.

Download  Recording of the morning session

Download Recording of the afternoon session