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USEtox (corrective release 2.1)

Release date: 
19 Oct 2017
This is the latest corrective release version of USEtox, the UNEP/SETAC scientific consensus model for characterizing human toxicological and ecotoxicological impacts of chemical emissions in life cycle assessment.
The download package contains the following documents:
USEtox model (version 2.1)
Change log file between version 2.0 and 2.1
USEtox User Manuals
USEtox organic substances database (version 2.01)
USEtox inorganic substances database (version 2.0)
Results based on USEtox model 2.1 and organic substances database 2.01
Results based on USEtox model 2.1 and inorganic substances database 2.0
Templates for use with the user interface wizard of USEtox
Package icon USEtox_2.1.zip23.26 MB