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USEtox (near-/far-field model 3.0 beta)

Release date: 
8 Apr 2021
This is the latest near-field/far-field model release version of USEtox, the UNEP/SETAC scientific consensus model for characterizing human toxicological and ecotoxicological impacts of chemical emissions and of chemicals in consumer products.
Content - the download package contains the following documents::
USEtox near-field/far-field model (version 3.0 beta)
Fantke et al. 2021 underlying reference for the near-field/far-field model version
Included data and results are for demonstration purposes only and do not represent formally recommended USEtox factors. Formally recommended USEtox factors based on the near-field/far-field model update will become available in the next stable USEtox release version.
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